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art by lvnesart

A Tartaglia/OC fanfic [Genshin Impact]

Rating: Mature

Featuring: Fez

Full Summary and Tropes

Words: 47,800

A young woman makes a bad decision and runs into a comedic farce of trying to avoid each Fatui Harbinger, only to run into another one that's worse. The tragedy is, the one she actually wants to save just won't stop launching himself into oblivion.

ðŸŒą Cut The Monologue ðŸŒą

art by commie-kun

A Reader/Palawa Joko fanfic [Guild Wars 2]


Words: 13,449

I don't know what possessed me to do this one. You, the sylvari Commander, renege on killing the funniest character in the game. Instead, you try to keep him... entertained.

ðŸĶī Resolve ðŸĶī

A Reader/sans fanfic [Undertale]

Rating: Teen and up

Words: 52,087

Reader is an adult human who falls down in Frisk's place. She has the ability to perceive diverging timelines of all the humans like her. But after a certain point, all the timelines end.

Incomplete, and likely staying that way, but you could read the point it got to as a type of open ending.

ðŸļ Let Me Keep On Dreaming ðŸļ

A player character/Yes Man fanfic [Fallout: New Vegas]


Featuring: Roxie

Words: 22,028

A perspective-swap idea co-written by me and a very good friend, where Yes Man treats the Courier to a virtual reality simulation of pre-war Vegas and disguises himself as a human inside it... as if she wouldn't know him anywhere.

👑 Divine Image 👑

An original character fancomic [The Neverhood]

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Pages: 64

I drew this in a notebook in high school because something weird happens to your brain if you play a 1996 claymation point-and-click game, realise you don't actually believe in god, and study William Blake at the same time. It took 4 years to complete.