Full Name: Falenze Charlemagne

Role: Fatui Recruit

Age: 27

Blorbo: Tartaglia

Arch-Enemies: Scaramouche, Il Dottore

Vision: Anemo

Likes: Punching, lying, good wines

Featured in: Innamorati

Fez is from Fontaine, a fact noticed by practically everyone she meets due to her distinct accent. She comes from a performing family and her parents, a daring acrobatics duo of some renown, own a small but successful theatre. They have a business relationship with the Ragnvindr family, having once hosted Master Crepus and his young son and becoming the primary source of stocked Mondstadt wines in the city.

She grew up amazed by the performance art achieved by Vision users - on stage, or asking for coins on the street. Time passed with no sudden magical acknowledgement from the Gods. In the resignation of adulthood she found herself talking to a Fatui recruiter who promised what fate could not. She left a hasty letter on her parents' kitchen table with an excuse about leaving to become an adventurer and see the world, and signed up with the cryptic agents of Snezhnaya.

This turned out to not be a great idea.

art by daywreckoning

There were no manmade Visions on offer for the rank and file. She was trapped in a foreign land, treated as disposable, not even classed high enough to be issued a weapon, and desertion was punishable by death.

Despite wanting to avoid notice of the infamous Harbingers at all costs, Scaramouche discovered her lack of fortitude amusing and he tore into her self-confidence like tissue paper, stoking her helplessness and inner rage until she argued back to defend herself. The resolve to fix her mistake coalesced into an anemo Vision.

Which just gave her another thing to hide.

Il Dottore took notice and began proposing experiments on the emergent link between Vision and possessor. In fear for the one thing she owned that proved her worth, Fez volunteered for a newly opened assignment no other recruit would touch - dispatch to Liyue, to preserve the volatile existence of the most unpredictable Harbinger of all.

art by kaytahope

She would manage to track him down to an abandoned factory. Near death due to overuse of his powers, Fez proved herself by bringing the injured man back to the city for medical attention. Tartaglia couldn't deny the sense of having someone on-hand to rein him in, even though his impulsive behaviour showed no signs of stopping.

As Childe's retainer, even with a Vision she could barely use and no means to influence the man who was now her charge, she saw his relative normalcy compared to the other Harbingers and reasoned - it could be worse. His missions took her to Mondstadt and Inazuma, his temperment edging back from the brink of unbridled compulsion.

She secretly issued herself new orders. Tartaglia deserved his own future too... if she could convince him to survive long enough.

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