My player characters from various RPGs!

Larhinel Avon

Game: Final Fantasy 14

Role: Red Mage, Traveler, Echo haver, Fragment of Azem

Blorbo: Ser Aymeric de Borel

Tends to be nostalgic.

Mother of two half-elf half-bunnies.


Game: The Outer Worlds

Role: Hope Colonist

Blorbo: Doc Welles

Was a private investigator on Earth before taking a shot at a fresh start in Halcyon.


Game: Fallout 4

Role: Sole Survivor

Blorbo: None

Sided with the Railroad. Railroaded into blowing everyone else up.

Does not make good banana bread.


Game: The Elder Scrolls Online

Role: Vestige, Meridia's Champion, Master Angler, Champion of Vivec

Blorbo: Ritemaster Iachesis, before he exploded

Breton, ancestor of Darienne. Exiled from High Rock. Has two children and a house just outside Marbruk.

Dhala Cadash

Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Role: Warrior, The Inquisitor

Blorbo: Lace Harding

Reunited Briala and Celene. Helped Cassandra become Divine Victoria.

Recruited the mages and disbanded the Inquisition when the time came.


Game: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Role: The Last Dragonborn, Thane of Every Hold, Harbinger of the Companions, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold

Blorbo: Erik the Slayer I guess

Breton, descendent of Erinval. Sided with the Empire. Retired to a cosy house in Solitude.

Harris Hawke

Game: Dragon Age 2

Role: Warrior, Champion of Kirkwall

Blorbo: None (Varric)

Sided with the mage rebellion and went into hiding.

Stayed in the Fade in Inquisition because Flemeth told her to.

Irvine Mahariel

Game: Dragon Age: Origins

Role: Rogue, Hero of Ferelden, Commander of the Grey (former)

Blorbo: Alistair

Dalish elf. Survived the fifth Blight. Officially resigned from Wardening afterwards and went to raise kids with her husband.


Game: Fallout: New Vegas

Role: Courier 6, Co-Ruler of New Vegas

Blorbo: Yes Man

More about Roxie here!

Runs an Independent Vegas alongside Yes Man and the Followers of the Apocalypse.


Game: Fallout 3

Role: Lone Wanderer

Blorbo: Fawkes

Saved Megaton. Destroyed Raven Rock.

Funnel cakes rule.