Guild Wars 2

GW2 is my 'home' game, something I've been attached to and watching unfold for years. The creativity of its worldbuilding pulled me in instantly. I have a guild called [BEAN] and I share stuff on tumblr.

To see more of the game check out my screenshot gallery!.

I also do GW1/GW2 vista comparisons.

My Characters


I've been playing a long time! I started at pre-release back in 2012. Each Halloween I do the Clocktower Jumping Puzzle daily. I was there for Season 1, when Lion's Arch first got destroyed, and the once only exploration of Southsun Cove.

I went to Foostival in 2015 and got a Rytlock plush and a Taimi mousepad. And I got to test the demo of Heart of Thorns before it came out at Rezzed.

I was in Lewis of the Yogscast's guild and popped up on his streams a couple times - I originally found out about the game through them so I tried my best to keep him alive.

In 2019 Rezzed hosted an Arenanet presentation where I nabbed some autographs and sat on their gigantic jackal. You really don't realise how high off the ground your Commander is.

A couple months after meeting Clayton there I hopped in a stream with him and Rubi and got a shout-out.

They did some more streaming around Halloween, where I managed to dramatically beat both of them in the Royal Raceway.

I was able to catch Nolan North at a con and have him sign Siins' fantastic art of my Commander and Joko.

I asked a completely normal question about Braham on Guild Chat and pretty much derailed everything.

In 2022 I completed the SAB Tribulation Mode weapon collections and oh my god. Don't do this. Just d. Don't do this